Shoreham Airshow

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This online Book of Condolence holds the hundreds of messages of support submitted from around the world following the tragedy at the Shoreham Airshow on Saturday 22nd August 2015.


Our thoughts are with all those affected. This sad event will affect all of us within the local community and those farther afield for some time to come. The Online Book of Condolence has now been closed to new entries, but will remain open to view as part of the permanent record.



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2,615 Messages of Condolence

  1. The members of Worthing Camera Club would like to express our condolences to all the victims and their families. Our thoughts are with you all as well as with the emergency services and support crews.

  2. feeling totally heartbroken by this tragic event that has taken so many lives from our community, you will forever be in our hearts…sleep tight angels and continue to shine bright in the sky for your loved ones, gone but never forgotten R.I.P

  3. our hearts go out to everyone involved in the shoreham air disaster God bless you all condolences to all these people.

  4. All of us here at Summersdale Garage wish to offer deepest condolences to all personally affected by this tragedy.
    Life is so fragile and we hope those grieving for lost loved ones, friends and colleagues (all of whom were taken from them too soon) are comforted by the lovely messages of Condolence left on this online book. We hope and pray those injured make a full recovery.
    Some of our customers, collecting their newspapers, were moved so much by what they saw on the front pages that they could not speak about the awful tragedy.
    Enjoy the memories that remain, don’t let them fade, they will hold your hand through this dreadful period.
    God bless. x

  5. My deepest and heartfelt condolences go to all those who have lost loved one’s and have been affected by this awfull tragedy. Those lost will always be remembered. R.I.P

  6. My Heartfelt Condolences to all the families who lost loved ones in the tragic events at the 2015 Shoreham Air Show. Particular thoughts are with the family of Mark Reeves. R.I.P all of you xxx

  7. Thinking of all those effected by last weeks terrible accident.

  8. I just can’t imagine what people affected by this accident are going through, but I extend my love and sympathy to you all.
    To the friends and families of victims, to the survivors, the witnesses, and also to the hardworking people from various organisations who have been working unbelievably hard in the wake of this tragedy: I hope you all find strength and peace to get you through this, and hope that anyone affected by the incident seeks out support to help them cope. No one should deal with this alone, and this community’s reponse so far shows that no one -will- cope with this alone.

    Some words of solace by the poet Edwin Arlington Robinson:

    ___A Happy Man___

    When these graven lines you see,
    Traveller, do not pity me;
    Though I be among the dead,
    Let no mournful word be said.

    Children that I leave behind,
    And their children, all were kind;
    Near to them and to my wife,
    I was happy all my life.

    My three sons I married right,
    And their sons I rocked at night;
    Death nor sorrow never brought
    Cause for one unhappy thought.

    Now, and with no need of tears,
    Here they leave me, full of years,–
    Leave me to my quiet rest
    In the region of the blest.

  9. My heart goes out to all who have been affected such a terrible accident God bless sleep tight sweet angels XxxxxxxX???❤️?

  10. Our thoughts are with everyone who have lost loved ones , relatives or friends in this tragic accident – we could have so easily been involved.
    Let us pray also for Andy the pilot who is so critically ill.
    God Bless xxx

  11. Our thoughts and feelings are with the families who have lost loved ones in the Shoreham crash,we send our love and say RIP to the people who have died. God bless you all and be strong, memories are very precious. xxxxxxxx

  12. There is never a right time for families to say goodbye to someone they love, but it’s not just families that are suffering, it’s the whole community. No words can describe the pain and numbness of the whole of shoreham and lancing and what this terrible devastation has caused. But for the 11 people who have tragically passed away, I will say this, you’ll never ever be forgotten. May you rest in everlasting peace and continue to make people smile in heaven. I’m so sorry for all those whom have lost someone special. We all pray for you. Rest in peace the shoreham 11 ❤️Xxxxx

  13. My deepest sympathies to all those that have lost loved ones in this tragic accident. X

  14. Heartfelt condolences to all who have been affected. It is so hard to express feelings adequately but I hope the messages of love and support will sustain the community at this time.

  15. My heart goes out to all the families who have lost love one from the tragic accident. Although I don’t know any of you personally my heart breaks for you all.. may you find comfort and support from all these messages.. r.i.p God bless xx

  16. August 22/8/2015
    To all those who lost loved ones in this tragic incident. May you find peace and comfort in the days to come,with the love and support you have around you.That day will be etched in all our memories forever,May all that lost their lives so suddenly know that they will never be forgotten and they will always remain in our hearts,Our love will have no bounds.RIP. We never got a chance to say goodbye,but we know your never far away,Until we meet again,Sleep peacefully dear ones,God bless

  17. My heartfelt condolences to all those that lost their lives at this sad tragedy an family’s that were affected also we didn’t know anyone involved but still wanted to express our feelings x

  18. R.i.p
    U was all taken away to soon so many young life’s was taken that dreadful day and some old you all won’t be forgotten god bless you all our hearts and thoughts are with ur families and friends xxx

  19. Deepest condolence to all the family and friends of those who lost there lives, our thoughts and prayes are with you all God bless.

  20. I would like to send my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of those who died in this tragic accident. Even though we have never met there is a huge place in my heart and mind during these difficult times for you all, and I hope that there is some comfort in knowing how many people out there are keeping you in their thoughts and prayers. My thoughts are also with the pilot and those close to him and with those who bore witness to the event on the airshow site last weekend. Having seen it first hand myself I know and understand that the extent of this tragedy reaches far and wide.

  21. We would like to express our sincere condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones in this terrible tragedy. We cannot begin to understand the devastation of these events and what it has done to your lives. Perhaps you can take some solace in the messages knowing people care.
    A big thank you to our incredible services.

  22. I read the articles, and see the pictures, and know how much for friends and family miss you greatly. My heart breaks that they didn’t have a last time to say goodbye, and you were so cruelly taken from them. One day they will see you again ❤️ You shouldn’t have gone so early but the Angels needed more help and picked the most beautiful souls they could. L xxx

  23. Our hearts ache for you all. X

  24. Deepest condolences and thoughts to all who were involved in this Shocking incident

  25. It is with deepest sorrow that I write this. Such a sad event and shock to everyone. This is not something one expects on what should be a happy family event. Things were seen that shouldnt have been seen and people were lost that should still be here. Nothing will take away the pain and sorrow that has been felt, but people have come together to recognise your pain. May you find comfort and support from all who offer it.

  26. Words cannot express the sadness that we all feel, both my husband and son fly from Shoreham, this was such a tragedy, my heart goes out to all those who lost members of their families xx

  27. My sincere thoughts of great sorrow and sadness, sent to comfort those in the Adur Community, many of whom I knew well when I served at the Shoreham Fire Station in 70’s and later at Shoreham Airport on its Fire Department. My former career in Fleet Air Arm at Ford, when it was RN Airfield brought me directly into such scenarios there, and it all came back to me on that fateful day in Shoreham. Many thanks to the leadership of Roy Barraclough and the Fire Brigades crews attending, for their dedicated attention to the onerous duties thrust upon them that day. May God Bless all those suffering the consequences of that terrible accident, however experienced.

  28. We were there and witnessed this terrible accident, words can never say how we feel, our thoughts and prayers go out to all those people that died and to all those still waiting for answers. Nearly a week on and I still find myself crying. RIP to all those that lost their lives. Many thanks to all the emergency services personnel that risked their lives to try to save others. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. Condolences to all the families who lost loved.Its very painfull for us and find peace and comfort in God.R.I.P we will never forget

  30. Deepest condolences and thoughts to all who have been involved in this awful incident.

  31. I would like to send my sincerest condolences to everyone affected by the events of last Saturday. My thoughts are with the people of Shoreham and the local community and in particular with those who have lost loved ones. I hope everyone touched by this tragedy finds some peace and strength in the coming time ahead.

  32. My heart felt condolences, thoughts and prayers are with all the families who lost loved ones, those who were injured, and Andy Hill who is fighting for his life.

    Thank you to all the emergency services

    Rest in Peace you will never be forgotten x

  33. I was at the airport with a team of police officers for the air show, we were having a good day interacting with members of the public for what is a family event. I saw the Hunter go up into a perfect blue sky, 10 seconds later everything had changed. My colleagues and I rushed to the scene but there was little that we could do. I have not been able to think about anything else since this terrible incident.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the families affected and to the wider community who are struggling to come to terms with this shattering event.

  34. There are no words that will heal the pain of friends and family left behind, but know you have the support, love and prayers of the community around you.

    Thank you to our incredible emergency services.

    Sleep tight precious 11 xxxx

  35. Thinking of all those families affected by the tragic events. Losing a loved one in circumstances such as this, cannot be imagined by those who have not suffered such a loss. I also feel for my colleagues and other agencies who have had to attend the scene and carry out their professional job. Bless you all. xx

  36. I cannot even begin to know how those involved in this disaster are feeling, I can only offer my deepest sympathy to those who have lost a loved one; and to those that were at the scene and injured (both physically and emotionally) I send my prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery. And to those members of the emergency services and the public who helped at the scene, I salute you, you are all heroes in my book. xx

  37. my thoughts & prayers go out to all involved especially the emergency services having to deal with such devastation . peoples lives changed forever that day .look up to the sun & the shadows will fall behind much love to everyone xxx

  38. I have taken that route and stopped at those traffic lights on my way home from work most every day. It makes me realise that life is only on loan and can be taken back at any time. I wish to send my thoughts and prayers to all that have lost love ones at the air show. God Bless.

  39. Our heatfelt sympathies go out to all the families and friends of those so suddenly taken.

    We offer get well wishes to all those suffering in the wake of this terrible incident. We truly hope you make a full and speedy recovery.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved at this very sad time Xx

  40. My heart goes out to all of those who were taken to soon at the airshow crash. Sending my thoughts and healing to their families and friends. Everyone in our community has been touched by this tragic event. May they never be forgotten.

  41. Sending heartfelt condolences to everyone affected with the hope that you will find peace in the future. Hugs to you all xx

  42. Such a terrible tragedy happened that day resulting in innocent lives being lost and families torn apart which has not only affected the local community but further afield in both the UK and abroad.

    To the families who lost loved ones – may your memories of them help you through your grief and loss, and that they will continue to light up your lives by looking down on you as bright stars in the night sky. Our thoughts will always be with you, even though we never knew them or you. RIP to all who left us that day – you’ll never be forgotten. xxx

  43. My heart and prayers go out to everyone who was affected. God bless everyone, and may those who lost their lives rest in peace.



  45. Such a sad outcome where people were enjoying their day at the Airshow or going about their normal business and travels.
    My thoughts are with all the families and those affected by this awful tragedy.

  46. To the 11 who tragically lost there lives and to the families left behind my thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to you all in this most tragic time. RIP

  47. Condolences to all the families and friends of those
    who lost there lives.Rip

  48. My family and I would like to say goodbye to all that were taken away on this sad day.
    The saddness of this day has hit alot of people not just those who have lost but those of who did witness.
    Peace love and understanding to all
    x x x x x x x x x x x

  49. God bless you all xx

  50. My heart felt sympathies to all those who have lost a loved one at Shoreham and get well wishes for those injured including the pilot xxx

  51. My thoughts go out to all those who lost a family member and/or a friend on Saturday August 22nd, such a tragic loss, R.I.P to the 11 who lost there lives, our thoughts are with you all at this sad time, from Peterborough Cambridgeshire.

  52. Our hearts and thoughts go out to every single person that was caught up in this terrible tragedy ,Taken to soon .RIP to all those lost and my condolences to all the families .Thinking of you all .xxxxxxxxxxx

  53. Witnessing this dreadful event has changed me for life. Never again will I take like for granted. My thoughts go to all of those effected, from those of us that have to live with the image to those in deep pain through the loss of a loved one, to the emergency services and all involved on site, that will have to live with what they have seen for the rest of their lives. So many of us have been effected, let’s make sure it brings us all together. Let that be the good that comes from this.

  54. To all the friends and families that have lost someone close to them and to all those that are supporting and helping after this tragic event

    From the wider Sussex community – our thoughts are with you all

  55. My sincere sympathy to all those that have lost a dear soul in this tragic accident. May those who have left us and gained their wings Rest in Forever Peace. And thoughts go to those directly involved in the aftermath xxx

  56. My thoughts are with you all that were affected or lost love ones last Saturday. R.I.P to all those that lost there lives.x

  57. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this sad time.

  58. My deepest condolences to all the families and friends of those who lost their lives at this unfortunate accident.

  59. Our sincere sympathy and condolence`s go out to all the families who have lost Loved ones.
    May they live on in your hearts for ever, and R.I.P now with the Angels.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. God Bless.
    Thank you to all the Emergency services for everything that you have done and are still doing.

  60. Thoughts to those that lost their lives in this tragic accident thinking of your family friends and loved ones

  61. Love goes out to all the families and friends who lost someone in this horrible accident. Although I did not know anyone who was lost, I deeply feel for those who did. My family and i Will be laying flowers. X

  62. I cannot imagine what these families are going through.we send our love and sympathy for your loss, our hearts and prayers are with you. Josh.Jess and Micki xxx

  63. You will never be forgotten,
    Little children will be told,
    Of the tragedy that took you,
    And the memories we all hold.

  64. Heartfelt and deepest condolences to the families, friends and all those bereaved or affected by this disaster. Thanks to the brave men and women who assisted in rescuing and recovering in the aftermath.

  65. To Mr and Mrs Schilt, from Izzie Nelson and family. We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts are with you and all your and Jacob’s family and friends. Xx

  66. My love and heartfelt sympathy goes out to all affected by the tragedy. I cannot express how utterly saddened myself and my family have been by this. Much love and courage to the families of all the victims, whether fatal or injured and also to the fantastic emergency services and all others who have provided assistance and support.

    Sussex is truly grieving.

  67. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have lost loved ones, and with those otherwise affected by this tragedy. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

  68. I hope that in time you can find some comfort from the happy memories of your loved ones and let them live on forever within your soul. God bless you.

  69. Thinking of all those affected by this tragedy. My thoughts are with you all.

  70. I was at the show and at the time and saw the crash, unaware of the tragic loss of lives, little warning they would have had. My thoughts go to all the families of the fallen and all the people that witnessed this incident, those like myself who are thinking about it everyday and probably for many years to come. The families have a much harder job to deal with and my condolences go to them all.

  71. I was watching the airshow with my Dad from the footbridge. It was a beautiful, sunny day and there was an air of excitement amongst the crowd, especially for the much anticpated last flight of the Vulcan. We then watched in horror as the Hunter came down behind the trees, in a massive fireball of flames and smoke. Suddenly the atmosphere changed completely. I am so sorry for the tragic, random loss of life and send my sincere condolences to all those who have lost family and friends.

  72. I was watching the Airshow with my family at Shoreham Beach and saw the inccident. It was hard to believe what had happened at first but totally saddened when the news of lost lives came through. Hard also when finding out it involved someone I knew, a brother of my husbands friend and team mate. I had met Matthew on occasions and he was a lovely lad and kind hearted. Such a loss, as is all the victims. Our love a support goes out to brother Paul and his family. We are here for you if you need us at this tragic time. God bless xxx

  73. it could have been any one of us we have all sat in our cars at those traffic lights. My sympathy goes to all bereaved by this tragedy or affected by what they witnessed.

  74. Very upset and shaken by the tragic event that took too many good people. I used to sit opposite Mark Reeves at work, he was a one of the good guys that I’m privileged to have known. He was a real family man and my heart goes out to all his family, as too all of the other victims families – I’m so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you all.

  75. Thinking of you at this horrible time. God Bless.

  76. My thoughts are with all the family and friends who have lost their lives.

  77. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those people affected by the sad and tragic events that happened at Shoreham last Saturday. My deepest condolences go to the families who have lost loved ones and I pray for a speedy recovery for those that were injured. May you all find strength and peace at this terribly sad time xx

  78. Tragic that xso many innocent people have died, they and their families are in our thoughts. R.I.P.

  79. Heartfelt love to the survivors ,and to the friends and relatives of those lost……

  80. I am so deeply saddened by the tragic accident on Saturday 22nd August 2015. I wish to say that I am thinking of all of the people young an old who have been effected by this tragedy. If anything good is to come out of this is for me to say that you are being prayed for and thought about every day and that I sincerely hope that as the community has pulled together that it will continue to do so. I wish to express my love and hope that people can support each other at this very sad time. I count my blessings each and every morning. Much love Theresa Carey Lancing. R.I.P all those taken from us far far too soon xxxxxx

  81. My deepest sympathy go to all the love ones and friends of those who lost their lives that day.Having been in the business for the best part of 50 years and flown in a Hunter Tbird this accident is extremely close to my heart. Let’s pray that those survivors, some with horrific injuries, including the pilot, make a full recovery.

  82. I was at the Air show on that beautiful summers day. Not for one moment did I imagine the horror I would feel from witnessing that plane go down. I replay it over and over in my mind. At the time I thought I’d just witnessed a Pilot die. Little did I know it was far far worse than I had at first thought. I had in fact just witnessed the death of several innocent people. News of the whole tragic turn of events filtered through…..I have cried so many times since for every soul lost that day and for the families and friends left behind. I intend to visit the bridge of flowers to pay my respects on this Saturday coming and try to come to terms with what I and many others witnessed. Rest in Peace…I’m so so sorry. 🙁

  83. My througts go out to everyone who has lost a love one or a friend . I did not know any of the victims , but my heart goes out to everyone who have lost a love one or have been injured . God bless them all xxxx

  84. Because we will never forget… Because we’re all sad, and hurt, and grieving… No matter our nationality, our religion… Shoreham cries today…

  85. Gone too soon, in our hearts forever.

  86. I am local to the area and I am thinking of you all. I count myself lucky that I did not have family or friends affected by this terrible disaster but I pray for all those affected and offer my sincere condolences for all who were not as fortunate. May you all find peace and in time, so many happy memories of those who touched your lives.

  87. My deepest sympathy and condolences to all the family and friends of those affected by the shoreham air tragedy. Cannot imagine the pain.. Please stay strong during this difficult time. We are all thinking of you x

  88. My prays are with those that have lost there lives and those that have to go on after this tragedy, sending masses of HUGS to those that have lost xxxx May God support u xxx

  89. I lived in Shoreham, but now live 2,000 miles away. That distance however became 0 miles on hearing Shorehams incredibly sad news. My heart truly goes out to everyone in Shoreham. Knowing how saddend I have been even though I live so far away makes me think it must be simply unbearable for you Shoreham residents. Made my heart rejoice at the same time hearing how the community is pulling together. You go Shoreham, the World needs more communities like yours. You are doing yourselves, the victims and their families proud x

  90. My heart goes out to all the families as I watched it happen on Saturday 22 August 2015 may all involve find peace and come to terms with their loss such a tragic accident on such a beautiful day rip all

  91. No words can describe how horrific this tragedy has had such devastation. My heart fills with sadness everytime I read or hear about this.
    My deepest condolences to the family and friends of those lost, injured, affected and missing.
    May you find one day, of way to cope and carry on xxxxxx

  92. What words can we say to ease your pain. We can’t imagine how you feel. The whole area is in mourning. we hope you can find some comfort from the community pulling together at this difficult time and showing we are all thinking of everyone affected. Such peace at the footbridge, a place to reglect and hopefully find comfort. Fly free angels x x x R. I. P x x

  93. i am totally shocked by all of this, but im also shocked at how the public have joined together, you will all never be forgotten, in a mad way i wish it was me rather than you, rip up there guys, you are all safe now,

  94. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of all those who were killed, injured or witnessed this horrific accident

  95. There are times in our lives when people are lost for words. This is one of those times. No words can describe the pain & anger you must all now feel. Why? What if? The answers may never come but you can be sure that the rest of the country feels your pain. In time there will, hopefully, be answers. They will not change the result but hopefully they will help soften the feeling of loss & pain. Think now of those left behind but never forget taken before their time. RIP

  96. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during this sad time.

  97. A terrible tragedy. My deepest sympathy goes out to all those that have been affected, may you find comfort in those around you xxx

  98. Condolences to all the families who lost a loved one in Saturdays tragedy ,my thoughts and prayers are with you.RIP

  99. My heartfelt condolences go out to the families and friends of the victims of such a tragic event.
    All those who sadly lost their lives will live on in everyone’s thoughts and heart.
    Rest in peace to you all ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  100. Maria nd Family want to send a message to the people off the Shoreham Disaster RIP to All the Lost Souls in the tragedy that took place on Saturday the 22nd of August x my heart goes out to Family and Friends xx and i pray for some kind off peace for you All xx God Bless xx