Over the past few weeks, an idea to create a Memorial Walk in Shoreham has started to find favour throughout the community. No formal decisions have been taken as yet, however it’s appropriate to share it now, reflecting the way that the community is bringing ideas together, and marking the beginning of a move towards the creation of a fitting, lasting, tribute to the events of 22nd August 2015.

It has been suggested that a new memorial, close to both the river and the proposed site for a new slipway, could form the start and finish of a beautiful walk between the Recreation Ground and Old Tollbridge..

This idea potentially also incorporates the temporary memorial board and archway erected by the County Council in a meaningful way, and could create a multitude of spaces and perspectives for reflection along the walk’s length. The suggestion is that the variety of different spaces along the route could provide quiet areas for solemn reflection, balancing more populated spaces which celebrate the sense of community that’s been so evident throughout Shoreham and the surrounding communities in the aftermath of the tragedy.

While other ideas are being invited (ideas can be shared through the www.ShorehamRemembers.org website between now and mid December), this particular one appears to be currently gathering support throughout the community.

As previously stated, the process to move positively forward on this important memorial will begin in earnest after Christmas 2015, and this idea will be included in those discussions.

What do you think about the idea – would an active memorial spanning the beautiful river and a new memorial park be a fitting remembrance of the effects of the Airshow tragedy? What would you like to see included in the circuit? Please use the ‘Ideas’ page to share your thoughts.